What is Lucifer?

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What is Lucifer. What Lucifer represents by Luciferian Sword.

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  • I also enjoyed this video! Lucifer represents the pursuit of knowledge, freedom, autonomy, compassion for those in ignorance, antithesis with understanding, and beautiful opulence. Lucifer represents self-love, self-empowerment, self-actualization, and self-mastery. Lucifer is the son who refused to do the will of the Father yet truly accomplished His Will in the end. This is what Lucifer means to me.

  • Let me rephrase. If a dog (or a god) kicked light outta heaven, it probably was superior to him and fell for fun.

    Psalm 18:11.

    I don't give a rats arse what anyone here thinks, but I AM superior to racists and anyone who thinks the outer form is reality.

  • "What" is Lucifer?!? Is he an object? WHO is Lucifer is the question, and I'll tell you something for free, he's not fucking Þunor (which is how you write Thor in English), the deity depicted in the still of the video above.

    BTW, "Luciferian Sword" was a known supporter of hate crime and white supremacy, his philosophy disgusted me.

  • Very enlightening    video . It resonates  with my core tenets.

    Lucifer has been and it  represents for me : Enlightenment, liberation, respect for all that is ,  the pursuit of  man's ascent towards Godhood, independence , self -responsibility, courage  to stand up for my rights ( as the Union Maid once said), enjoyment and living in the Now,..........

    Bravo! It 's a very good video. Keep up the spirit .

  • Awesome video! I love it!

  • Hi Victoria, the original owner of the site closed his site down.  I hope to recreate the site. 

  • Whatever happened to the site? I used to watch the videos.

  • Crescent Moonlite, through adversity hidden doors open.  Of the many qualities of Lucifer the archetype acts as a bridge between the self and the cosmos, which results in events of synchronicity; these events are often unexpected and shocking, but there is a meaningful pattern seen to these events in hindsight.  Welcome to the Luciferian path. 

  • This is interesting; and most interesting is the date you posted this. At exactly this time, I was sitting on the floor in a corner in my bedroom as blood dripped down from my eyebrow over my right eye. I had just been hit by a door as I tried to leave the room. I pondered whether I should just die or be reborn and as I thought about this I thought of this site that I had just found and the thought came to me that I just got sensed knocked into my head. That I did die; thus be reborn. I've always walked in-between worlds yet remained at times, uncertain of my destination but remained on my journey. On February 4 at 4am, I died and was reborn with an awakening to the light, I found the light in Lucifer. I shall continue my pursuit of enlightment. Thank You, AlexJ.  

  • @ Schnaider:  I think that it is the ultimate goal of many to become like Lucifer in their path. 

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