The Staple Singers - It Takes More than a Hammer and Nails

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An early 60s outing from the great singing family.

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  • Yep, that is where we started to migrate from, so they have the genetic stock of the oldest race of people on this planet, assuming that the fossil record is correct.  And I have no reason to think that its not, based on the evidence so far, ha ha.
  • one more little problem... the term "afro-americans", it means "black people". but the fact is the whole HUMAN RACE came from the same genetic root... in africa.
  • Yeah, its possible that there is a way it can be done. I think that's what Jay-Z, Beonce, Rihanna, and Kanye are doing now, speaking to the youth.  Maybe we'll see a larger influx of great African instrumentalists.  Bringing back to the Blues maybe, like the Roots.  Given the fact that the only reason many Africans are Judeo-Christian now is because of the institution of slavery, I think that a few outspoken Luciferian African-Americans would get the ball rolling. People still feel more at ease if a member of their own ethnic group endorses what is being offered.  So naturally the message would have to come from someone who was part of that group and faced the same trials and tribulations and prejudice in everyday life as they did and do.
  • i agree with you 1000%, but there is still something worth noting and thinking about. the singing on this tune is so good, its unbelievable. there's no question they can sing that way now because they sang in church all their lives. what we need is to ditch the religion part without losing the singing part... can it be done? if the answer is "no", or "i don't know", then i propose we KEEP religion, until this singing issue is resolved.
  • Yes, it will take more than a hammer and nails.   I don't understand why so many African Americans who faced terrible slavery and discrimination are devout in Judeo-Christianity. 

    Whites used the example of slaves in the Bible and used Moses' Laws on slavery to keep slaves like chattle.  The rich planters used the Church and only taught their slaves stories from the Bible.  They convinced their poor white counterparts and the slaves themselves that blacks were inferior using the story of Ham.

    Ham was cursed by his father, Noah, because Hamm saw Noah naked.   Noah cursed Ham and his descendents and said" a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren."  So...again,  white people used this story to justify the ill treatment of blacks and to keep them in slavery.


    Well, hopefully with influences like Jay-Z (Compella has a video up, JAY-Z - Lucifer) and Kanye West (even though his is a jerk sometimes), the African American population will be freed from the shackles that are still within many minds.  The Wayan's Brother's movies address this through comedy.

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