The Holy Guardian Angel's True Identity Revealed

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Get Embed Code Jeremy Crow examines the function and identity of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) from a Left Hand Path (LHP) occult perspective. Sat...

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  • I made another article:
  • I made an article about this on my blog.
  • I believe that the Shadow is a similar concept to that of filters in NLP. Filters are created through association for the large part to allow us to function day to day with tasks so we don't spent 30 minutes examining a door handle every time we come across one. Of course, we filter out many things we probably shouldn't because we go about doing the same things all the time moment to moment. These filters prevent the information entering our conscious minds, and are especially noticeable when we are in extreme situations, just like the shadow, that blocks out almost everything around us to allow us to survive and do the 1 or 2 things we need to stay alive.
  • Hey Jeremy great video, just out of curiosity what rituals have you used to reach gnosis with the Holy Guardian Angel or shadow self?? Crowley had some nice work with this, I've done a few different rituals over the years.... Powerful stuff!!! Again great video man keep up the good work!!
  • Hm... interesting. Could you elaborate more on the subject on satan. I don't have much knowledge on the subject of satan although i read the satanic bible when i was 19 but the explanation you give differs greatly from the thought of satan from Lavey's point of view nor do i believe in the demonized and superstitious view the church offers. As you can see this leaves an empty area that could use some filling in in order to have a better understanding.


    I've had another person on here tell me about an experience i had when I was a child saying that that presence was the presence of satan. This was not a malevolent presence but i believe it was an attempt to help me and tempt me to seek knowledge.... Despite the fact that i just answered one of my own questions in the latter sentence this continues to be a  very interesting and I'd love to know more... Yay first post on LRS! I seem to be coming out of my shell.

  • Great video, I remember discussing this concept on myspace with you and of course reading your blog on this topic.
  • Just beautiful.

    Thank you !

  • Love it.
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