Mastering Lucid Dreaming - 8 Essential Tips

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The 8 most essential pieces of information you need to master Lucid Dreaming, explained in detail by Jeremy Crow. For more videos on Dreamwork and Lucid Dreaming, watch my playlist: Also listen to this podcast which goes in depth on Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection: Connect me with on Twitter: Let's hang out on Instagram:

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  • good info!! thanks
  • @Jacqueline Davies A lot of people won't admit it because they really love their weed, but it does have a huge impact. I enjoy weed myself, but I only partake on a rare occasion nowadays. Dreamwork is the cornerstone of my personal practice and I value that more than getting high. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Now that I have not smoked any marijuana in 2 weeks my dreams became Lucid again, so it does effect it.

  • I was being facetious with my question about the alignments. The obvious answer, just like D&D, is that one doesn't run a Chaotic Evil campaign except with mature players... similarly, one probably shouldn't go darkside in the dreamtime without practice and self-awareness...

  • I can't say i've read extensively on the subject, but i've always meant to. In what i have read, i don't think i've ever heard anyone discuss how to treat entities you encounter. Treating them well seems a prudent practice, especially if there's any expectation of finding you're NOT dreaming...  but where else can we test-drive all nine alignments, except on the holodeck?

    When i was a teenager, i became engrossed in Jane Roberts' SETH books, which was where i first read about lucid dreaming and tried putting it into practice. 

  • @Gil Pan Zastor It's not something you hear people talk about but it's so important. Excellent point about applying this tip while awake as well! ;)

  • "Treat your dream-characters with compassion."

    All of your items struck me as useful, Jeremy, and you obviously know your subject. But I found this quote especially profound. It might apply to living, in general. Hear, hear. 

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