Lady Gaga Says "I Swear to Lucifer"

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  • @ Agata wrote: "...she's just an entertainer..." Technically speaking, if LG is just an entertainer then the vast majority of the LRS are janitors with severe metal illness, they sure do "like maaaah mop". Grow up imbecile, that comment is like LaVeyans giving Thelemics shit. It's like comparing a Homo Sapiens to my toenail. My toenail isn't very smart, but it can out-drink, out-think and out-fuck every person who describes any entertainer as "...just..." Next time you see a band/movie/painting you like, tell the artist who made it they're "just an entertainer" and get one of your over-privileged i-phone wielding mates to film it so I can see you bitch slapped and thus become the very thing you despise. Pure entertainment. Oh, wait... you already are...

  • Giving this video was posted at the start of the year, can we please move on? LG is lovely, I have talked to her personally (or rather, "e-talked") and she is despite her charisma and lovely dance routines one of the less interesting celebrities to mention the "L" word. Look into BM if you want some interesting pop culture references to the Morning Star, coz this is just talk show tripe and very juvenile. It's meant to twist Christian knickers not ours.

  • As always, if the music's objectionable to you, don't buy the records or go and attend the concerts. Don't even pay attention to the charts. It's all trash anyway. So dump it all.

  • I agree with Detox, its all marketing. just a poser. I strongly believe that she is backed up by a shadow government, to keep her fans STUPID and BLIND, same with Justin Beiber, and a bunch of other talent less retards, that were made up over night, yet have a huge Fan Base. so Much money is invested in them, that its inevitable to have every song at the top of the charts, and blown up all over the T.V. 

  • I think it's just a way of creating art in different mediums. Have you read this hallucinating Xtian woman's account?lol so stereotypically Biblical - clearly a whacko

    Lady Gaga’s hair stylist quits; says she’s a devil worshipper
  • She seems to make alot of comments that have no meaning to her and often to anyone else. There was the video "Juda" (?) that showed a man that looked like Christ along with eye makeup that looked very much like the eye of Thoth. I don't think she's trying to say anything; she's just an entertainer. Keep in mind most of her fans are very young.

  • For the life of me, I can't imagine how. Unless he's signed up for Celebrity Big Brother or I'm A Celebrity or something.

  • But, Lucifuge... It might be bad publicity for Lucifer. We don't want fakes and ignorants waltzing in and claiming to be Luciferians. It would give us a very bad name.

  • Many people throw about the term Lucifer, in Freemasonry and Thelema but who aren't really Luciferian, so it's prolly something like that imo. But can't be a bad thing. I don't mind radio what's nu lol

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