Intro to The Greater Church of Lucifer

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2nd Public Meeting of the Greater Church of Lucifer. First time using Google Hangouts and it ended up being more like an intro to the Church and to Luciferianism by Jacob No and Jeremy Crow.

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  • Hmm is it me but video won’t load

  • I was so pleased to see this video.  I hope many will join.  Also what a good job you are doing in being a light to others.  I would love to see something similar here in Wales, hopefully  in the not too distant future.  

  • Thank you for sharing this video and for creating this Church/Family.  I think that something like this has been needed for a longtime.  I am happy to support this Church and be a member of it I know I will learn a lot.  I hope many others will join and I hope that people who aren't of this path will watch the video and be able to clear up their misconceptions.  

  • Hey AlexJ, It's the hope that as a Luciferian organization, if it did get hijacked and corrupted, that a strong Light Bearer will stand up and convince the others to overthrow it and reform the organization to get it back on track.

  • Nice ^^ keep the good work :)

  • I think this is a wonderful idea! I'm actually sitting here in a bit of shock, I had no idea such an organization would ever even be thought of in my lifetime. So much of the hatred we run up against is due to blatant misconception (and in some cases, misguided attempts from our own "side"), the only way to combat that is to make the truth available. I'm new here, so I'm sure my opinion means very little, but I just had to say that I think this is a beautiful step in a right direction for the LHP as a whole (as much as most of us hate being lumped together lol). I think humanity really needs this information right now.

    I think most people with any type of LHP experience are at least aware of the multitude of other systems out there, and that there are, in some cases, huge differences. But to the general public, we are all the same. They see us all as standing under one banner and so if any of us make fools of ourselves in public, or spread false information we are dragging the rest of the LHP down with us.  For this reason alone, I think this "church" is a wonderful idea.

  • Thanks for sharing this video which provides insights and answers many questions on this new organisation in Luciferianism.  Question, does this church get classified as a religion as far as the laws of nations such as USA are concerned, thus enjoying protections from religious discrimination?

    It may surprise the reader to learn that the early Christian church existed in a similar fashion to GCL, starting out with good intentions, then it was hijacked by St Paul who transformed it into the sort of dogmatic tyrannical monster as recorded in history and today. 

    At its essence the Luciferian path is individual, and it concerns me that a group could, however well intentioned, become something RHP where the individual will is crushed in favour of the group. 

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