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DON'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE HUMAN!A good message to those who identify with the Left Hand Path.

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  • "You gain no wisdom with out shedding purity"

    Shedding? Or shredding? I'm more inclined toward the latter.


  • ScorpioRising wrote, 
    "I'm just saying. No offense meant. :)"

    This is an open forum, dear. You own no one any appologies. Thanks for the good manners though. It shows that you don't equate thuggery and vulgarity* with strength. 
    (*Vulgar in Latin means common, low-life, having no manners). 

    Yours in Lucifer,


  • ScorpioRising,
    I wouldn't say equilibrium or ballance, I would say harmony. Not compromise between conflicting drives, but rather a maximization of all facets of the human nature who can act in non-conflicting ways to the betterment and flourishing of the whole person.

    In my Unholy Trinity composed of Lucifer, Satan and the Devil, the wisdom of Lucifer keeps the Devil from doing things that are self destructive to the whole (like robbing or attacking, falling bait to childish provication), and the Devil teaches Lucifer that the passions make life worth living. Satan is the center, the root. Satan is the iconoclast, he's bravery and liberty, and liberty is neither good nor bad, it's what we do with it that is good or bad.  

    Lucifer is the bearer of light or enlightenment. Lucifer is wisdom. Lucifer has an old soul.

    The Devil is overwhelmed with passion both violent and sometimes loving, works on impulse, has short term goals, if that, is short sighted, has no deep philosophy and is his own worst enemy as well as being purile and childish. I'll leave it to you to apply comparisons of these traits to members you've met. 

    Hail Imaginary Satan


  • @ ScorpioRising. I would say that all knowledge is inherent. How else would we acquire it? All is there for us, we just have to access it. As Aradia says; If what thou seekest thou findeth not within thyself, thou wilt never find it without thee. When i spoke of balance and equilibrium, i was referring to the balance of opposites, which to me is Luciferian. We have to work with the light aswell as the dark, the spiritual and the gross material. This makes the complete path of the LHP. Am i making sense? Balancing the polar opposites. Not dualism.
  • @Eric A previous teacher of mine, who was LHP used to say that reading without putting it into practice is like knowing the pages of an atlas, but never embarking on the journey. However, he also taught that most people have not yet evolved into the human and many are in a human body for the first time. Obviously based on reincarnation. They have to evolve to the human and then become god. Crowley also mentioned this somewhere in his writings. I don't know what you would make of this.
  • @Eric So how do you measure personal power? Is it by engaging in conflict of sorts. Or is it by a wisdom and quality of Being? Surely we must develop each aspect of our being and balance all the opposites. Otherwise we lack equilibrium.
  • @ Eric All my family were in the Royal Navy. But big deal. So what! You seem to think that ripping into people in an aggressive, abusive manner makes you more LHP. Strange! What you lack is a little advancement my dear Eric. Lucifer is about illumination. Not just life in the physical. You see, one can make a point without being so bloody aggressive all the time.
  • Eric, a problem? No, actually I laughed.
    (Look up "lol").

    As to your state of maturity, well, let's leave it to the spectators to decide my degree of accuracy.
    Oh, and BTW, LHP doesn't mean "doesn't spend time reading books". I would think this analytically obvious. And as to my personal fitness or my take on conflict, rest assured that I had three voluntary tours participating in Operations Desert Strorm, Desert Shield and Southern Watch very likely before you first had a single drop of pussy juice on your pinky. 

    Have a great day,


  • @ Eric:

    A key quality of the LHP is action.  The internet is an environment of words and ideas, but it is hoped all those who identify with the LHP do manifest their will and choice in action outside of the internet. 

    What a great business idea, send someone a voucher for a beer. 

  • ScorpioRising,

    LOL. I assume Eric is young. He reduces all mention of personal power and initiative down to the level of phyiscal strength in a street brawl, and (rather telling I think) Bruce Lee. LOL. 

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