Hawk - Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

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I hope to bring this independent film into my local city. Gwyn Ap Nudd that the Christians would equate to Satan is one of my favorite Celtic archetypes.Official full length trailer for the film "HAWK", directed by M J McMahon.The land holds many secrets, and one boy will learn them all.When Rowan is taken away from the civilised world, his lessons in the wild begin.Yet when he shatters the balance of nature, Rowan discovers another world beneath our own. In that shadowy land of old gods and wild hunts, the divide between man and beast becomes uncertain and the fairytales of childhood spring to life.With only the guidance of a hunting hawk, Rowan must make amends for his crime, and choose between what is real, and what is not.http://hawkthemovie.com/http://www.facebook.com/HawkthemovieA Capture Filmhttp://wearecapture.com/Trailer Edited by Blonde

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  • @Kadmus:

    Yes, Gwyn Ap Nudd often is depicted with the antlers of a Stag, and is associated with a pack of hounds that hunt for the souls of the dead.  There appears to be strong associations between Gwyn ap Nudd and the Roman Silvanus and the Saxon Herne the Hunter.

  • Looks good Alexj thank you. I'm not familiar with the Celtic archetype portrayed but It reminds me of the Stag with those antlers. An Olde and enriching archetype.

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