Fox Guest Bernard McGuir Calls For Satanists To Be Gunned Down

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The Satanic Temple has issued a press release demanding that Fox Business News publicly apologize for the remarks made by one of its commentators. Also, please report this illegal activity to the FCC

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  • I've just watched this on You Tube. How entertaining! A gaggle of squawking geese venting and posturing who, if faced with anyone of any calibre, would melt into the background they briefly emerged from. They are the sort of people one delights in baiting; entirely devoid of rational, controlled arguments. I wouldn't have lowered myself to ask for an apology. It's a little like demanding compensation from the virus that gave you flu! 

  • Rhetoric

  • When Alan Colmes is the smartest one in the room...Huston, we have a problem. 

  • Not only apology.These people should be locked up with the key thrown away for making terroristic threats.

  • i liked it when he (the guy who proposed the shootings) accused alan combs of drawing a 'moral equivalence'. well, duh. bb /s~

  • Typical Judaized servant of the Demiurge.

  • I don't think shit for brains meant it literally, he was just using offensive language to lash out and describe how much he hated 'these people'. Still, it should have been questioned more by the host and everyone else at the very least and it was pretty amateurish to air it. Also, it would have been more balanced and also 'Jerry Springer' if they'd had a Satanist as a guest to provide a counter-perspective, but that's asking for too much of Fox lol. I hope they got a lot of complaints. They certainly did on youtube, albeit it wasn't Fox News who posted the video. But I guess they ignore people slagging off Fox on youtube as it's a pretty common occurrence.

    Here is an interview with Brian Werner regarding the proposed statue.

  • Dave, you posted a bunch of conspiracy video links without introduction, what relevance have these to this topic?

  • I think the "flying spaghetti monster" will make a great statue :-)

  • Of course my comment was not intended to rally violence against Christians, or anyone. It seems ironic, if an atheist rallied on TV for people to start shooting parents who try to pray in public places everyone would be gathering for an old Pillage and Burn. 

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