Does The Bible Support Luciferian Philosophy? Part 1

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Maybe you are one of the many people who become dissatisfied with their religious beliefs, life philosophy, or scientific outlook. You feel it is time for a ...

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  • The answer is yes. Its dependent upon perspective. The same people who would say no are usually the same people who find all things subjective, some what hypocritical in my opinion.

  • P.S. That choice is for each of us, not just Raven. I say that just for clarification. 



  • Raven, that's five words, not two. 
    Having an encompassing cosmopolitan group such as this is a double edged sword. On one hand, it gives us the opportunity to share our ideas the the crossroads. Those ideas have sex and give rise to other evolved ideas that might survive or may not. Some go viral. The other edge of the sword is that many on the left hand path are a bit misanthropic. It's for you to decide which you want to be, part of a living, thriving, evolving luciferian group, or someone stuck in self-made dogma. 

    Choose wisely. 


  • Lamurulum wrote,

    "I am working on my next videos on the topic. It may take some time, but I will let you know when they are up and available." 

    Looking forward to it. 


  • @ Dave Pellani

    Let us give thanks again :) But how do we get it back?

  • @ Lucis Ferre

    The point about A&E being created for field slavery is so true. It is interesting that the Bible does not deny this fact. Because of the Christian takeover of the Occult Wisdom, there has been much lost and the truth that is right before us is hard to see because our perception is clouded by dogmatic and dualistic fantasy. 

    Thanks for your comment. All that you have presented is very well understood. I am more aligned with the telling of the story that you have recapitulated here in the comment section. I am working on my next videos on the topic. It may take some time, but I will let you know when they are up and available. 

    Thanks again!


  • Occult is hidden in plain sight. An occult reading of the bible does indeed support Luciferianism, but it's all in how one takes it, right hand path or left hand path. 

    Consider the Eden story in Genesis 2 and 3. The right hand path "sheeple" reading and interpretation of this text is known to virtually all americans I would guess. 

    Now for a Left Hand Path interpretation. 

    god created Adam and Eve. (A&E), placed them in his garden and told them to do as they're told, to tend his garden or be put to sudden death if they disobey. (Gen 2:15-17). 

    This is known today as "field slavery". 

    A&E didn't understand much, as they were conscious, but lacked self-awareness. 


    But they at least knew that they didn't want to suddenly die. Even a rat, even a cockroach knows that it doesn't want to die. 

    A stranger came along and told "the woman" that this is not true, that if they partook of the forbidden fruit their eyes would be OPENED unto the truth, and they would not suddenly die but rather they would be as the gods, knowing good and evil. 

    Morality requires moral choice, and moral choice requires knowledge of good and evil. "Satan", so called, made morality on earth possible. "Satan" (in the Judeo-Christian interpretation of the myth) gave mankind moral capacity AND self-awareness. In this sense we are as the gods, capable of generating a self-made soul and manifesting our own destiny (the great work). 

    Long story short, they ate the fruit, and their eyes were OPENED and they knew good and evil. (Gen 3:7)

    Now, who hides the truth, who wants your eyes to remain closed, the good or the evil? 

    Who wanted mankind to remain field slaves? 

    Who gave mankind the KEY to the gate, leading to self efficacy? 

    No one can walk the path of enlightenment for you. You have to choose to walk that path yourself. You have to choose to partake of the forbidden fruit (the occult). Some truths cannot be told, they must be self-realized. 

    Self-awareness is "an awareness of one's own personality or individuality". It is not to be confused with consciousness in the sense of qualia. While…
  • Hi my fellow Luciferians, researchers, seekers, and Left Hand practitioners! Here is the first video in my new series. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions for future videos. The next video will be posted soon.  


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