The Luciferian Laws

Since reading Michael Ford's "The Bible of the Adversary" I can now say that I am very pleased with this book so far.  This is a must to read before digging deep into Magic and theory of magic. I especially like the topic of "Luciferian Laws"

There are thirteen laws that each Luciferian should know and really understand them. I am going through them for my benefit and others.

1. All Power comes from within. Bow to no other in spirit or flesh

-- This is pretty self-explanatory but basically whats the law says is "Hold yourself in the highest order and worship no one alive or spiritual

2. The Luciferian must view his or her mind as the center of Will, which every decision made, is essential to initiation and how the world will be affected by them.

-- Focus your energy to empower yourself, all decisions should be made within yourself.

3. The cunning mind must calculate every situation; often mere strength is not enough to master a challenge. Thinking is a direct result of the Luciferian Mind, it must be in accordance to Will with a focus of Power. The Will as a result of the Luciferian is a balanced perceived aspect of both instinct and higher thought, with a goal oriented outcome.

-- The Luciferian uses his or her mind to think things through and calculate if its worth focusing energy on.

4. For every outcome in each situation, the Luciferian must calculate how their thoughts, words and actions will lead them to that outcome. For instance, what you say will affect others in what they hear. It may also affect what they do and say as well as the speed of what they do. Think about how others perceive you and act accordingly.

-- How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to treat others when you talk to them?

5. The Primary symbol of the Luciferian has always been the serpent; this has long been understood by the wise as representing Wisdom. As the serpent can represent darkness it is this which surrounds our planet - literally the Ouroboros serpent circling the world. Ancient Darkness is that the world was made and from which we emerge, yet as a culture we fear it. It is the fire of Lucifer and Lilith which brings us up from the cloak of darkness, yet we are empowered by it. You may shape the world from darkness as well, this is the night and the desires which you need light to manifest.


-- You need darkness just as much as you need light, from darkness life begins.

6. Always understand that intentions should not be made known at all times. The cunning of the Luciferian must be sharp, as the tongue of a serpent. Think about your surroundings, what you want to achieve and what you should let known. If you seek a promotion in an office where many seek to move up, this puts you at a disadvantage as people are celebrated by what is believed about them first; i.e. how they are seen. Second they are celebrated by results of their actions. Social circles are climbed successfully by those who may court the attention of those around them; they play into what the person wants to see. Do this, with cunning; results will be productive to your ends.

-- Think about what you want people to know about you and what your doing. Use your common sense before telling a someone that you "think you know everything about you".

7. People do not act just and good wholeheartedly. To believe such is to naive People appear to act "good" based on their environment. Look to any area of power or authority, observe deeply and you will find corruption. Those who are noble in action and thought may be your friends yet be careful in dealings - all betray if they feel too much pressure. As self-preservation is important to all, when this is tested friends become bitter enemies. Know the nature of your friends and their possibility to betray - be prepared, cautious yet don't let this hurt your relations. You may focus on your friends openly and love those who are worthy. Don't be paranoid; just be able to defend yourself.

-- Again common sense, you don't have to trust everyone you think is a friend, make sure to be cautious who your friends are.  If you can't be fully honest with someone about anything then he or she isn't really a friend. The same in the opposite if you unable to receive the truth from with people say and contemplate it without being angry then you need to work on yourself so your not so defensive.

8. Understanding Light and the nature of creation is essential upon the Luciferian path. Know that beauty is based on subjective view of another; if you create something, love it, and rejoice in this ability. This is the path to self-Godhood.

-- Have an open mind about things, remember everything you see is your subjectivity. Let your mind wander and take in the scenery , you might see something you haven't before.

9. The Luciferian should nurture his or her ego, yet be able to learn and develop continually. A Luciferian can be wrong and should be willing to always seed wisdom from experience.

-- Always strive to learn as much as you can , and ask questions to someone who is more of an expert then you are. Don't be afraid to ask for help while still being confident on what you have learned. Don't be afraid to wrong and get corrected , this is how a person gains true wisdom and knowledge.

10. Magick and Sorcery are tools of expanding influence, knowledge and power. Rejoice in the hidden art, become and ascend through it. If you achieve something with Magick, give yourself thanks, for all power comes from within.

-- If you use magick then embrace it and rejoice when it works for you.

11. Be cautious in forgiving enemies, they will often stab you deeper if you let them too close without a sharp memory. Keeping enemies close with their nature's in mind will give you the advantage.

-- Like the old saying "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer"

12. Being kind to others should not be from the desire to have another good deed done. If you are going to be kind, do without regard for a return.

-- If your going to do something for someone do it because you want to and because someone else was kind to you, or that you think you have to be nice to someone else.

13. If you make an enemy, follow the medieval and pre-medieval enemy law - be ruthless, be like a serpent in knowing their moves and be like a lion in their presence. You will be the victor if you can calculate power with strategy and when to apply force.

These laws make a lot of sense to me and I think these laws should be in affect if your path through life is to be a Luciferian.

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