While being new to all of this I started asking myself what if my two near death experiences had been a message?


For a long time I was a conventional christian, didn't really go to church but still prayed and worshipped god jesus etc. Then i had my first near death experience, which was actually a death experience, and all that occurred was nothingness. No visions no experiences no afterlife just never ending blackness and the sensation of floating, almost as if was back in the womb. Then my second near death experience had to have been divine intervention ala pulp fiction, where by all means i should have died but didn't. When the incident occurred I completely blacked out and when i woke up i was in exactly no worse condition than when it happened, however for such a miracle the black out was the same experience.


That has had me asking, what does this mean? 


I've always thought if it was god or jesus saving my life they would make it known and clear it was because of them, however it always made more sense that it was someting else protecting me and showing me maybe it was something I had no idea about at the time. What gave me that idea was the feeling of being in a womb no sensation at all besides a slight floating and being unnutured and new to the afterlife with no real knowledge of what lies beyond.


Since then I've been open to the idea of something else being the reason those experiences were like that and since pursuiting luciferian research and learning more and more my quality of life has seemed to increase, i feel more free and accepted than i have in a long time and for how i lived during the time of those two incidents it makes sense that instead of god or jesus saving me, perhaps it was something on the shadow side of things reaching out. I just wish i knew what...with time maybe the force that saved me will present itself.


Anyone have similar experiences?

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  • I had an experience from an overdose where I was dead for 15 mintues and was brought back where I was being lowered into something I could hear chains clicking and I was sufficating. I know I was on my way to some where, just not sure where then I was floating in complete darkness I could feel the life force leaving my body. Then I heard a voice say how many times do I have to do this for you and I came back it was nine days later.


    My coma had me talking to a priest that wouldn't tell me his name and walked me around showing me people dying and asked me why I wanted to take my own life when all these people want to live. I was told Satan never reveals himself and takes many forms I believe I was in between the life realms and there is an afterlife. But I don't know where or what it is. I astral project and it felt allot like that 

  • I often have dreams that I die and all that happens is I cant move, speak or see or feel any physical pain. But everything else is the same. I can hear and smell and feel vibrations of what the people around me are doing. Scares the hell outta me. I could not face that as an eternity!

    However,  I feel that the common NDEs such as the white light, feeling at peace, perhaps seeing angels or already passed loved ones, god, etc. Could easily be explained by secular means. Human brains are incredibly complex blobs of grey matter. Think of the billions of things they do just at one moment! Voluntary and autonomous. It's crazy to think about. I'm sure while dying, all kinds of crazy things happen in the brain.  It could very well pull from the faith you've stored there,  or your prior knowledge of common NDE tropes, or your subconscious or even conscience emotions of guilt or anger, for instance, to the person who is unlucky to go the other way than the white light.  When your knowledge base revolves around christianity and a belief in heaven, why wouldn't your brain bring it up while dying. I dont believe in heaven. I'm fairly certain we just die and its lights out. But I will admit that NO ONE KNOWS,  so I could be wrong. If I have a Christian NDE, I'd be weirded out but I'm pretty sure that I would chalk it up to all the knowledge of christianity stored in my brain.

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