My path and goals

I’m going to start writing at least every week about My Luciferian practices and learning. I have been missing a void ever since I stopped the practice. I used to be in an order H.O.D but didn’t agree with everything I was told. The Luciferian / left hand path is an individual path and rite. You must sacrifice to be truly free. I am going to start reading and re-reading books not just about Luciferian principles and ideals but other philosophy books too. I have been depressed and been missing something ever since I stopped learning and meditating and practicing my inner calling.  The first book I’m going to read is by Michael Ford. I really never got into his books but I’m going to read “The bible of the adversary”. I will also talk about what I understand about the book and what it means to me. Talking about the knowledge will help me regain the knowledge. 

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