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Here on my country, the common denominator of people who do not know or know just a little about the subjects related to Magic, Sorcery or Witchcraft, have brought to the surface a very controversial issue about animal sacrifice or even up to the sacrifice of human beings to carry out their rituals and their evil objectives. However the aim of this article is to clarify the concept and to demystify its use within the traditions considered today as pagan or obscureSince ancient times, knowledge w
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Is Magick Real?

Magick or Magic is the unknown energy or element(s) that most of us seek but never understand or comprehend.

So what is Magic? What does it mean? Is it mostly just new technology that know one has seen yet? Is Magic only in the mind? Have humans even seen real magic?

I have been into Magic or what I call "Energy intention" even before I realized that Luciferians even existed. I read lots of articles and books, listened to lots and lots of podcasts about the occult and ancient teachings. I studied

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