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The Luciferian Laws

Since reading Michael Ford's "The Bible of the Adversary" I can now say that I am very pleased with this book so far.  This is a must to read before digging deep into Magic and theory of magic. I especially like the topic of "Luciferian Laws"

There are thirteen laws that each Luciferian should know and really understand them. I am going through them for my benefit and others.

1. All Power comes from within. Bow to no other in spirit or flesh

-- This is pretty self-explanatory but basically whats th

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The Neo-Luciferian Church

 The Neo-Luciferian Church is a Gnostic and Luciferian organisation with roots in western esoterism, Thelema and Magick. Though the word “Church” suggests religion, the nature of the church is something apart from that. We do not consider us religious in the strict sense of the word, with moral laws and absolute powers, but we’re not atheistic either, in the sense that we believe in a magical reality and operate with divine and demonic powers, as the electrician operates with electricity.


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Musings and Frustrations

Lucifer, the rebel angel, who does not just take orders, but asks questions, explores, seeks knowledge and takes his 'life' into his own hands was my favorite of all religious/mythological beings since I can remember.  

I have always believed in the values of Luciferianism, I just did not know what it was called. Luciferianism to me is not a new 'faith' I found; it's just a label I can now 'plaster' on my philosophy of life. I am an agnostic Luciferian, so I see Lucifer and any Lucifer figures as

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The Luciferian and oxytocin


The LHP/RHP is a spectrum where individuality favours LHP and conformity to the group-mind favours RHP.  I suggest the Luciferian stands deep into the LHP side of the LHP/RHP spectrum, and thus being the minority in the mass of humanity that prefers slavery to the group-mind are subject to sometimes harsh oppression from those that wish the Luciferian to conform.  I have always been the individual, and it interests me to observe the relationship between self and others.


A horm

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Luciferian group/community on G+

This isn't really much of a blog, more an announcement. If you are on the Google+ social networking site, a.k.a. G+, then you may want to check out the Luciferianism community on there. I created it last month as there was no such community yet on G+. G+ is not as popular as Facebook but it is gaining momentum.

This isn't meant to replace any existing Luciferian group or network anywhere else, but just somewhere for Luciferians on G+ to net

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My Path as a Luciferian

My path is more towards the healing of others, which then leads me to learning more about the human body, and its functions. I become their shoulder to cry on, a great friend who actually listens to their hurts and woes, someone who is willing to hold them, etc. All of this I do, for no wantings of any gain. Sure, I can charge a price for such things, but I find that it is pointless, senseless, to even think of such things.

My healing art is called Reiki, which is basically another word for Cha
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