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I have read that Lilith has a vampiric side how many have encountered that side. I consider Lilith as the first Witch Mother of all Witches. Have any of you seen Lillith in her original form? Tell me about your experiences of Lillith. Some call her the Dark Mother too. What do you call her? Thoughts and Opinions are welcome.

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I hope I can keep this organized but I really doubt it seeing how I am going to try and talk about my confusion.

I am confident that I understand the basic concepts of what it means to be Luciferian. Making your own path, you are in charge of your own life, the power is withing you the will ect ect. 

I start to loose grasp when I get into personal practice.
I have been roaming the internet and book stores trying to understand what it to practice 'luciferian magick' running into mostly wicca relat

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I  been practicing dream working for some time getting better at reading the symbols becoming more conscious of the messages, gods, etc. that I experienced from time to time. I force on the everything in my dreams because the way I view the dream world is a combination of the world of archetypes, and the formative world, or spiritual world.  based on my Qlippothic practice I'm  more disciplined in my mind and spirit so I can easily recognize the symbols if I'm conscious in my dream.  In a recent

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