immortality (2)

I was having a great discussion in the LRS Discord and I thought the topic would be perfect for a blog post for the LRS website, so I took some of what I wrote in the discussion and reformatted it for here. If you are interested in joining the LRS Discord live chat, you can check it out at:


The Lich and the Vampire

A lich in fantasy lore is an interesting concept. If you're not familiar with it, it's essentially a dark sorcerer who has figured out how to continue ani

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Gift of the Dragon - short poem

Gift of the Dragon

Swirling serpent of storm and desert devil
whispered in my ear one long eve,
But has always spoken to my heart
urging me to live, to revel, to believe

Revelations he spoke were terrible and great,
the Darkest weight upon my soul
Simply frightening beyond one’s fear
as he imparted the truth, my role

To be a lady of wisdom, power and freedom
were his utmost desires for me
In blood I signed my name, a pact with Him
and received the gift of immortality.

©K. Scarlet Rakoczy, 3/22/12

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