Is Magick Real?

Magick or Magic is the unknown energy or element(s) that most of us seek but never understand or comprehend.

So what is Magic? What does it mean? Is it mostly just new technology that know one has seen yet? Is Magic only in the mind? Have humans even seen real magic?

I have been into Magic or what I call "Energy intention" even before I realized that Luciferians even existed. I read lots of articles and books, listened to lots and lots of podcasts about the occult and ancient teachings. I studied occult science and religion for years because I wanted to show people that religions are non-sense and I was determined to show the world everything about religion was wrong.

This let me down a rabbit hole that I am still falling, though I choose to get lost and this is the path I am on. You can't study religion and occult science without tripping over magic. So I looked into magic and become fascinated with the history and stories of the old talking about magic. I found a lot of the magic that was talked about had to do with spells and enchantments like the protection spell found in most witchcraft literature. I then found Chaos magick and that opened up many doors for me so I dug deeper and read more books and published articles like path workings and gnosis. This gnosis led me down the path of breathing. Since I studied martial arts I started to study the old clans of Japan like the Iga and Koga warriors and learned about Ninpo or Ninjutsu. The literature talked about breathing and how to breath correctly. The breathing techniques taught me how to "reverse breath" and harness energy, later what the Indian yogi's called "Fire Breath or Breath of Fire". This technique allowed me to control my body like raise my core temperature, feel energy sensations like electricity flowing through my whole body and being able to raise every hair on my body "goose bumps" on command. I found out that people used breathing techniques to put themselves in a trance and therefore put oneself into a gnosis state. I'm a pretty rational individual but very open minded and have good common sense so I  thought to myself "It's probably a sensation you're feeling because of influx of oxygenated blood". I had to investigate more on this and it led me to "Kundalini" which is what yogi call "Coiled serpent" So I read more and practiced more breathing techniques and it opened more doors for me like raising my temperature so high that I was dripping with sweat and every inch of my body felt like it was on fire and electrified it was amazing and exhilarating at the same time. After more and more practice and wanted to see other results and then I started to be able to control this "flow" through my body because usually this energy would build up and go through my body to the top of head and that was it. I started to control the flow by concentrating to were I could "push" the energy around my body. "I know this sounds very weird and not believable at all" but once you can build up this energy you will feel it come from the middle of your back and rise up through the top of your head or you take that energy and make it flow like water to every part of your body. Is this magick? I don't think so because I'm only learning how to control my body nothing outside influence. Anyway so the first step to learning actual magick is to control ones body like raising your temperature , slowing down your heart rate even when exercising. Ok so back to my journey "It will probably never end" but I like it because I love to learn. So reading all of these books on occult science and rituals I found out how to do visualization techniques and calming the mind to focus on the items I visualized. The first exercises I started to do was visualize a geometric shape in my mind say a circle or triangle. Don't go crazy and try to visualize a pentagram or octagon you'll give up really quick. So I started visualizing an object and then added color, if I could visualize a circle or triangle with color in the middle or a stripe for more than 30 seconds I think I was on to something. After I could visualize the object and add color, mind you I have my eyes closed at this time. I decided it was time to visualize the object with my eyes open. So here is what I call "The start of magick" at least for me it was, everyone's path is different unless you belong to a mystery school and if that's the case please contact me.  The start of true magick is within yourself , the ability to focus on oneself then to put oneself in a trance like state, after that visualize what your intentions are, see them in your mind first and visualize with your eyes open. So is Magick real? Honestly if a person like me can figure some of this out with books and lots and lots of practice I don't see why a person who has studied this for years or decades can't produce some incredible results. Just the breathing alone is a big part of the "recipe for magick". I also did some experimenting with healthy diets and meditation and the opposite with heavy drinking and shitty diets and for me at least having a clear mind and healthy body is a lot easier to get into concentration and breath control then a crappy one. "Your body is a temple, don't destroy it".  This is just my experiences with "magick" so take it for a grain of salt but hopefully showed you that anyone , I mean anyone should be able to practice the steps and try and try and practice again and again to experience his or her own magick. I have many more experiences I wish to share almost like my own "Grimoire" or "Book of shadow's"

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