Human’s used to be LHP

I have been researching and following quite a bit about pre-historic humans. What do I mean by this? Pre-classical Mayans, pre-dynasty Egyptians. Before the Younger Dryus. In theory and some very impressive findings point toward a race of humans that where very sophisticated 50,000 plus years ago. I’m not saying aliens or anything like that. Researchers, Archeologists, and mythologists are following the ancient stories of the Mayan, Hopi, aborigines and many more have stories of humans and wild animals lived together. The stories talk about not just the feminine or masculine both United Almost harmonious. The ancients were able to meditate and see things. (Look up Dreaming with aborigines). The ancients said that man changed when they got ignorant, selfish and greedy. My point is humans were very spiritual and in tuned with nature. Now us as humans need to be more spiritual and just listen and let the ego disappear. There is no good nor evil only choice. We have lost our ways of what it is to be truly human.
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  • "to err to be human" what makes humans ticks? I think that different cultures have similar beliefs sort of no matter what part of the globe you go too maybe there is something to all them beliefs in my opinion. Hawaiins and Chinese believe in the same lines about energy which I for example find really interesting.

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