I have read that Lilith has a vampiric side how many have encountered that side. I consider Lilith as the first Witch Mother of all Witches. Have any of you seen Lillith in her original form? Tell me about your experiences of Lillith. Some call her the Dark Mother too. What do you call her? Thoughts and Opinions are welcome.

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  • Sounds like a wonderful experience.
  • Lillith appeared to me in my astral eyes while I was awake JM. She was beautiful and young like she was in her early twenties.

  • I think that our understandings of Her are similar.
    I would love to know; when you say that She has appeared to you, in what manner? Full apparition? Visited in dreams?.
  • JM I think Lilith has different meanings to me she appeared as a young woman with actually short dark hair. I see her sometimes as the Dark Mother.Lilith represents feminine independence so it resonates well with me. In my astrology charts Lilith and Lucifer is strongly represented in my charts. Thank you JM for commenting btw.

  • I appreciate your position on choosing of labels to use.  Many reserve honorific attributions like Mother of Witches and 'first witch' to the figure Hecate, but the naming of dark (read: occult) aspects of the feminine divine are as varied as the masculine aspects. They all take root in ancient oral traditions that are as inconstant as the shifting sands that surrounded the ancient places where these concepts first took shape.  To reach for the one called LILITH, whether through meditation or ritual, means only to select a pre-Hebrew variant of a name for a demonic feminine godform for the sake of anchoring characteristics on which to contemplate.  If the Practitioner affixes contemporary notions of vampiric traits to Her name then (I believe) those traits will be presented back to the Practitioner.  

    As you set your will, so will it be.

    My own connection with LILITH/LILITU has felt strong at times and distant at others.  It's a connection that I work to cultivate better, but She has presented her voice to me and it was an experience that I am hopeful to repeat when ready, but I have not witnessed a form that has identified as LILITH; dream-state or otherwise. 

    What has your experience been?

    - jM

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