Demons can they manifest into humans

I know this is an odd post. But I wanted to hear from others what they thought about this if Demons can manifest into humans. I always thought they could somehows just my opinion tho. I had something strange happen to me a few weeks ago after my father died. I think it was a Demon that manifested into a human I saw in front of me. It wasn't my father it was someone else he had long black hair and was caucasian... I still don't know if it was a ghost or a Demon. Yes. I believe in ghosts and Demons and I consider myself neutral on this subject in which it is possible for a Ghost or a Demon to manifest itself. I am btw totally interested in this subject. I would appreciate any comments or inputs on this subject.I know the veil is thin too there is a possiblity of some sort of Entity trying to contact me too.  I wouldn't doubt that.I have always been a senstive to ghosts especially. I am a natural medium too. But this entity looked really pissed at me I don't know if it was upset it somehows or it was doing its best to contact me in a way I would notice. Why I believe it was a Demon maybe because I have delved in the Left Hand Path in the past. Do Demons get upset when you don''t practice as much? or maybe this path is trying to draw me back somehows? All comments are welcome.5460268483?profile=original Best regards Bex....

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  • Bexs:

    Beware of "Shape-Shifters"!


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