Cultus Nacht

Cultus Nacht

Khem ll


     The hot African Savanna breathes with life as she slips into the dark with lucid eyes to see her quarry. She smells the breath and fear of the prey as she watches quietly. Her heart beats like a wildfire driving her to inch ever closer to the game in which she is the harbinger of death. She smells the fear of the antelope and can hear its attempts to quietly drink. She watches as her prey looks up and right to left as it watches in the dark for signs of danger. Knowing she is undetected drives her adrenaline and her breathing becomes deeper and rhythmic. She never doubts her instinctual drive to run, capture, and devour her food. She never doubts her ability to kill when she is hungry. The lioness does not kill for pleasure or spite. She does not question the morality of snuffing the life out of any animal she kills. She will cover its dying mouth and suffocate it, without guilt, without knowledge of her hidden qualities, she takes action, not knowing that the severity she can implement is but a metaphor for the sleeping khem that lies beneath the waves of our Leviathanic modus operandi. This is no suggestion that we as humans do not eat our enemies in a physical sense, or take violent steps when actuating our Luciferian Gnosis. We can however see the division between mundane thought patterns and the wisdom of the Goetic Fallen, who mythically made humans aware that we are more than just sheep, waiting to be devoured by our Secular and religious masters, who tell us that happiness is found by obedience. Obedience to mass media and governance instructs atheists and theists alike that acceptance by the herd is our life’s goal. Carnality, instinctual hunger, and defiant pride are often, even for most who seek the LHP, lost in the noise of a system and culture that tells us to choose a predetermined reality which never serves the individual but in turn, enslaves them to follow that voice which says “ here within our truth, is your freedom”.


“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche


Are You Feral?


     I've often looked at images of ancient statues that depict a half-human and half-animal being and wondered exactly what this meant to those who built them. When reading funerary texts, I have seen noticed the qualities, abilities of animals and nature were conceptualized as an ideal form of heka for the Pharaoh ( morning star ) as he or she sought to be more than the average human. Limitations were surpassed for them both in this life and in the duat. How do we discover our theriomorphic nature that is hidden within that very desire that drove us to the LHP? Are you more than just a sheep? Are you driven to consciously stretch your understanding of what your instincts can achieve? Do you live your life simply responding to mass media from one extreme or another? What exactly are you trying to achieve as you dive into the fall from illusionary connection to our cultural and philosophical chains that restrict the basic understanding that repressed desire is a ball and chain that extinguishes the Black Flame of Tiamat which runs through our veins. Exactly what boarders are you willing to cross to find out what is hidden within your darkness? I found in my early years of practice that I could not advance my understanding of Luciferian Gnosis without shedding the fear and ignorance which chained me in the first place. Just as Lilith left her place in the order of things, just as the Masks of the Adversary refused to be ruled and micromanaged, I too had to rebel against my restrictive thought patterns and dare to find out what was hidden within the forbidden doorways pleasure and pain, there past the fog of illusions and misconception was the vision of the Daemon, and its ability to be as feral or ordered as it willed. 


“397: Unas is the Bull of Heaven, who (once) suffered want, 

and who has decided to live on the essence of every god, 

who eats their entrails when they come from the Isle of Fire with their bellies full of magical charms (HkA.w). “

      Night Vision


     We are told that our limitations are based on scientific facts that are absolute. I would agree with that in most terms except where it comes to an internal perspective. I have lived in the city now for almost six months. I have met many people. I noticed that those who never venture out of the city are very limited to what they see and experience within this city on a daily basis. They tend to say things like “ it is what it is “, they cannot see that the only thing that limits them is their perspective that they have no control over their future. Often, they blame the government or politics in one way or another, or they fixate on an imaginary enemy that is holding them back. The very premise of the LHP concerns the utilization of magick or philosophies which open the consciousness of the aspirant to the polar opposite awareness of the herd. The virtuous Four Hells outlined in the Yatuk Dinoh create a mindset of seeing , speaking, acting, and immolating from the perspective of Endless Darkness which conjures the very nature of the lioness described at the beginning of this article. Definitely not the perspective of the herd who inhabits the dayside of this life. Hidden, within the darkness of what we fear, is the perspective of the nightside, which abandons excuses and sheds its ignorance just as a cobra must do so.



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