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     Recently there has been a discussion amongst LHP aspirants as to weather or not the term Black Magick is correct when one is describing the tools of our practice. The rationale is that here, in Malkuth, all magick resonates from the same source, from the Earth and that all Magick comes from it, and it is neither Black or White . One could even make the argument that because the origins of Seriphothic and Qlipothic philosophy are connected to the chakra system, we are capable of creating the same consciousness or Gnosis if you will. This brief article is not meant to sacralize the traditional terms or limit anybody's personal choice, I will however share my position and the reasons why.

    First of all, I will state that my experience with Black Magick has always been enhanced by respect and admiration for nature and the Earth that was inspired by the mythos of the Watchers. Azazel, inspiring humans to create tools including weapons and knowledge of self beautification. Belial, bringing the defiant attitude that demands the “I” is all prevailing. Lilith refused to be managed and dominated as the lesser. Many myths of the fallen connect them to mastery of the earth and one's abilities rather than any sort of malefic intent. These attributes constitute the attitudes of the LHP to govern one's life and to not worship the creation or its creator, but rather to learn the secrets of self - created evolution. 

     The eastern Left Hand Path also includes the conscious choice to seek Apotheosis within the Tantras. In Julius Evola,s book The Yoga of Power he notes, 

“In regard to the various ages in which the manifestation took place, a relationship is established between them and the doctrine of the two ways (Right Hand versus Left Hand) in the following terms. The creative and productive aspect of the cosmic process is signified by the right hand, by the color white, and by the two goddesses Uma and Gauri (in whom Shakti appears as Praka-shatmika, "she who is light and manifestation" 1. The second aspect, that of conversion and return (exitus, reditus), is sienified by the left hand, by the color black, and by the dark, destructive goddesses Durga and Kali Thus according to the Mahakala-Tantra, when the left and right hands are in equilibrium we experience samsara, but when the left hand prevails, we find liberation.” 1) 

There are of course conflicting views as to what the term liberation literally means in our Western conception of the LHP, I will, however, leave that subject for another article. 

     We see here that for quite some time, there has been a distinction between the two different paths of intent when it comes to magic and esoteric approaches to achieve results. We also see in this reference the absence of moralism within these two choices. Our culture in the west is unknowingly branded by the dualism and confusion about what we think good and evil is, or what is right and wrong because of collectivism and the desire for many for safety within the herd mentality. That is not to say that it is not effective to utilize the antithesis of many realities or ideas to create a rebellious outlook against what or who may be in relative control of any aspirant. As we know, the Aghori utilize what many would consider extreme measures to achieve liberation.

     Another example of the true nature of Black Magick would be the Egyptian term Khem, it refers to the black soil of the Nile river valley, and the hidden benefits of that black soil. Our definition of chemistry is derived from it and it also references the taboo nature of personal alchemy. (2) 

     So we see in these two references that the color Black or the intent to master our own material/ mental universe is not necessarily associated in any way to our western Christianized view of good and evil, but rather it concerns using hidden knowledge about our world and ourselves in an effort to achieve personal power through the utilization of secrets that are not available to the mundane masses. Some may get a thrill by saying and doing things which liberate our waking consciousness from the dreary and oppressive culture we live in that is always shaming someone for being human, but this is simply not in my opinion connected in any way to the ideals of ultimate good or evil, nor does it disrespect the beauty and majesty of the Earth. 

     I would suggest that it is the very depths of consciousness from which Magick is formulated,  conceived, and birthed is the determining factor. Interface with natural phenomena is also a part of this. For myself, Magick and what kind it is pertains to weather or not the Black Flame is burning within.

     Eric Hanley

      Unas Nacht Mordis lll

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