Cultus Nacht

Cultus Nacht

Daemons of Desire 

  Today is the day of Zairik, the creator and deliverer of poison. One of the Daeva present within the two pronged manifestation of Taromaiti the Demon associated with the Mulandura Chackra via Ahrimanic Yoga. Together with Tarich, the agitating influence of discontent. Rebellious and non confirming attributes of the warrior shade are awakened by self confidence through this medium. The Advesarial pantheons poses the elements of the seducer and the whore, the actuator and the cup of manifestation/creation. The Goat horn Sigil symbolizes both , unified as two conduits. Symbolic of Baphometic fire , the Horn of fire possesses sharpness of thought and the expanse of potentiality. Two truths which oppose each other are considered a lie in our western monotheistic society. When both truths are true, truth is amoral to the individual. The Yatus is capable of navigating limitless potentiality having a mind with no restrictive limits. 

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  • Thanks for the cruitique Jason, within a week or two, this will be a full article....

  • Thank you Dualkarnain - the post was written in haste as my laptop ( new ) arrived broken, I certainly do miss the professors in University taking my writing apart. I do however have no problem with rough drafts, as they foundationalky express the core meaning. I like your RE-write, I'm obviously out of practice- lol. I have been using a goat Horn for an attame , and realized it serves as a cup as well. New hand made attame on its way, Thanks

  • Example: Today is the day of Zairik, the bringer of poison. He crawls within the two-pronged manifestation of Taromati which is, itself, sourced from the kernel of the Daeva Yassanna. Advesarial pantheons pose elements of both Seducer and Whore. Demon-God, Actuator and the Pourers of the Cup of Manifestation, emerge as twin goat horns. Both horns unify as bilateral conduits representing both the sharpness of thought and the expanse of potentiality. Two truths are considered a lie in our monotheistic Western society. Not so with the Yatus cult- each extreme has value. Each has truth. Each extreme is Amoral to the Adept. 



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