Could the Horned God mirror Lucifer in Wicca?

I always wondered if the Horned God traits could mirror Lucifer. I always considered Lucifer to be the Wild Spirit in Nature.  I have too believed the Mother Goddess to be Lilith to me since she was the first witch ever.your thoughts and comments are welcomed. Ave Luciferi5460269493?profile=original

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  • Thanks Wm. Berry Chastain and Eric for commenting.That is fine Eric interesting perspective btw.

  • Good question and I must contemplate the possablity,, Is Cernonos the same as Lucifer, and of course, Lilith , Mother nature!    Why not? Love the concept.

  • I think for it to fit you need mythology to match. Lucifer is a title firstly. So what are you really asking for? If you want the devil so to speak you could go with a gnostic interpretation and throw in a biblical satan and eve ....the enlightenment cums from the devil in that case making him the light bearer so title fits mythology fits and it laws into a wiccan framework. And curiously since most use that framework its somewhat universal. But i would add something . Replace the goat of mendes with a snake. It makes much more sense that way.  Hows that ?

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