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"Accountable & Independent Luciferians believe that there is nothing outside the self. Therefore, you are the "GOD" of your world. Everything is within your power. You are responsible for life's failures as well as credited for your life's successes and victory's." This a personal a opinion of mine and of course "Godly" ideals are subjective to each individual. However, one thing I have observed is that there are members of the Luciferian Society (from those just beginning the path to those who are more proficient) that have chosen to completely ignore or just don't care about their personal health, fitness, and aesthetic. "Luciferians are confident in their ability to take care of themselves and you expect others to do the same."Out of everything out of our control and to everything we do, we have our body. Remember, we have that internal fire burning inside all of us to make things manifest. We enjoy the struggle, and if it is our will it will be achieved. What better display of Luciferian Magick than bodybuilding magick? From the day of our birth and into our adulthood we have always had control over our body. We have chosen what to consume and how we decide to expend our energy in forms of movement. The knowledge has always been there, but we have chosen to be ignorant in this aspect of our lives. Being able to understand nutrition, caloric intake and expenditure, the discipline of tearing our own body's apart only for it to be reborn as something magnificent. The display of Mastery very many have access to but very few choose to pursue. "Lucifer represent BALANCE spiritually and physically, that Light and Darkness are equally important to the mental and physical health of individual. Forged minds, are just as brittle without a forged body.
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  • Oh hi! we should be friends! I'm a health scientist IRL. my main specialities are adaptive exercise, athletic injury and recovery! I like Athletic injuries better than physical therapy because there's the expectation to get back to competitive play, while your normal american just wants to walk around without pain.

    I agree that academics tend to dig deep into the academic stereotype and get too nervous to show physical prowess or push towards encouraging healthy behaviors. I've met a lot of people who love to have intense conversations, but if you so much as mention anything more than a short walk between buildings and suddenly "I'm not into that fitness lifestyle like you." the american attitude is 'if i make fun of it, then i don't have to face the reality i'm actively hurting my body by refusing to take care of it.' 

    Socrates said “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” and i completely agree. Part of facing our fears is facing our bodies. facing those weak joints, facing those expectations of still being a 12 year old at baseball practice 5x a week, and not a grown adult that hasn't seen a barbell in six years; and then breaking those fears with months of sweat and effort and ONE FUCKING MORE to become that mitochondria powered monster capable of defending self and loved ones.

    It's easy to act big and mighty as a magician if Lucifer blew some hot air up your skirt once during ritual, but muscles represent powerful intention building. Working out, martial arts, body building, even a poised ballerina en pointe,  all of these are one of the most basic ways to manifest your intention in reality. if you can set your intention to eat healthy and then stick with it, magic will be that much more natural to you because you're already practiced in focusing intention, setting plans and goals and rewards, and manifesting your desires into reality. instead,  a lot of magic workers act like if they just burn some incense for it, the gods will magically take care of their heart condition, wasting a wonderful opportunity to grow their own power by shoving the responsiblity off onto their big daddy demon.

    okay now i'm all worked up. time to go hit the heavy bag. hah!

  • Mr. Crow and Mr. Ellisson, I really appreciated that this subject was brought up. Mr. Crows' comment on Maslow is certainly pertinent. I think its also important, as Luciferians, to remember that the world is grey that most things are a spectrum. In light of that (no pun intended), looking at Maslow's pyramid and its various levels should be thought of as (the degree to which). So, for instance, we can say the degree to which ones physiological needs are met, implies the degree to which one safety needs are met, and the degree to which one's safety needs are met implies the degree to which belonging and love are met, so on and so forth. If we put the use of "Will" as it relates to Love and the degree to which we want aims of our "Will" to "kepher", to borrow from the Setians, then our physical health has a bearing on our Spiritual lives. If we assert that our "Will" and the "seething energies of Lucifer in our hands" is in any way related to our mind, and our mind has at least something to do with the material that makes up our brain and our brain is a part of our body, then every apotheotic voyage is to some degree dependent on how we comport ourselves to owning our own physical health.

  • Well said, both.

  • I agree that one of the top priorities should always be mastery of the body. Bodybuilding is definitely one way to approach that. Something that has been a big inspiration in my own path is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Even the degree structure of the Ordo Luciferi is inspired by this. The basic idea is that an individual should ensure that their basic survival needs are met first before trying to achieve more abstract goals. Having your fundamental needs met on a primal level creates a proper foundation that you can build on. It's even just a practical consideration in the fact that it's not only difficult but foolish to use your limited resources of time and energy on say intellectual pursuits when you don't have a source of clean water for you and your family. That's an extreme example, but it illustrates the point. The same goes for your financial situation. If you are deeply in debt and cannot sustain your basic expenses every month it would be folly to spends hours researching Mesopotamian mythology. You should devote that time to correcting your financial situation, whether that means getting a second job (or a first job!) or starting a side gig to bring in some extra money, or figuring out where you can cut down on your expenses so you can pay down your debt, etc... Being in financial ruin is not conducive to the spiritual quest.

    I understand that some things are out of a person's control. You may have a physical disability or illness but one should strive to take whatever reasonable actions within those limitations in order to achieve the level of heath and wellness that is within one's realm of possibility. The same goes for one's financial health. As we can see in the hierarchy of needs, one should ensure their emotional stability as much as reasonably possible as well. Again, it's hard to achieve the highest states of self-actualization if one is in a situation where they are subjected to regular emotional abuse, for example. There is a tendency to relegate these basic concerns to the realm of the mundane and to consider them unimportant to the spiritual quest but this couldn't be further from the truth. What's the use of maintaining a daily practice of ritual if these other concerns are not met? You'd be putting the cart before the horse.


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