Blood and Life Extension

Blood and Life Extension

Our dilemma with life extension is purely one of morality. Techniques for life extension can range in complexity. A simple procedure would be to transfuse plasma of young donors. *Plasma transfusions in mice have been proven to extend life. We could obtain young donor plasma along with a little blood, ideally, the donor would be a genetic match and disease free.

The donor gives 1000 ml of plasma and a little blood.
The receiver would also go through the donor process and extract 1000ml of plasma and then receive the donors 1000 ml of plasma and blood.
In addition to receiving weekly infusions of new donor plasma, Both the receiver and donor should live in a clean environment and eat a healthy diet. Regular detox and bowel cleaning should be done on a regular basis.
In addition to these practices, one should be willing to take advantage of advancements in science and technology. Cloning, i.e. printing new organs, utilizing stem-cell technology, and pharmaceutical technologies should be utilized to the fullest.
The donor program along with diet, exercise, and a regular detox program alone would greatly prolong life. In addition to modern advances in life extension technologies, one could reasonably expect to at least double life expectancy from 80 to 160 years.

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  • Actually, now that you mention it, I've heard that if you're young and healthy, bloodletting can actually be beneficial. Obviously giving blood would be a form of bloodletting.

  • As to any detrimental effects to donors, I would say that I donate plasma frequently and I recieve a great personal benifit when I think of all the lives that are being saved as a result of my donations. The money's not bad either. Not to say that a willed magician in possession of a donors blood could not create the desired vampiric drain on their victim. Thinking about how I will physicaly extend my life and shape it is my practice. The book thing has occured to me as well, Thank you Jeremy! 

  • The transfusions could be considered a type of vampirism. I wonder if the benefit to the recipient is greater than the detrimental effect on the donor. It's interesting to speculate on how far we can push the limitations on human lifespan. In our existing world it seems likely that the wealthy would benefit the most from these technologies, especially at first. It would make a great premise for a dystopian novel to explore the idea of a society where the lower classes are used as plasma donors and have much shorter lives than the ruling class who receive these transfusions.

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