Here on my country, the common denominator of people who do not know or know just a little about the subjects related to Magic, Sorcery or Witchcraft, have brought to the surface a very controversial issue about animal sacrifice or even up to the sacrifice of human beings to carry out their rituals and their evil objectives. However the aim of this article is to clarify the concept and to demystify its use within the traditions considered today as pagan or obscureSince ancient times, knowledge was not transmitted to the entire population, it was only available to those skilled in certain subjects. What in ancient times was known as Occult Sciences, for us already is established like Science proper. We refer to that Alchemy happened to be what we know today as Chemistry, Astrology to Astronomy, Herbal knowledge to today's Medicine, and so on. Our ancestors conceived our existence in a very different way as well as the components of matter and even inert things. Before the XVIII century, the scholars conceived that Matter was composed of four basic elements: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. They stated that everything we knew comprised these four elements but declared that one predominated before the other three to denote the nature of the object. As the speculation on the conformation of everything we see and can touch advanced, then the question of our composition begins. In addition to this, the concept of the Fifth Element is created.The Greeks called it "Ether", the Chinese called it "Metal" or "Wood", the Romans "Pneuma", ending up in encompassing a concept widely known as "Quintessence". For the Greeks, the Ether lived in the blood of the human being and represented a fragment of the gods, and the Romans wrote complete texts of Medicine talking about the manipulation of the Pneumae within the human body. The great majority of cultures have conceived of Quintessence as the combination of the four essential elements and as the main component that inhabits the human body. Today we know the habits of some cultures that encompass this concept within their traditions, such as the Hindu tradition, who try not to lose their body fluids such as saliva, blood or sexual fluids, as they give a sacred emphasis; in addition we can mention that the Jehovah's Witnesses are not related to the blood donation also like this traditional concept. Our Mexican, Aztec, Toltec and Mayan roots also take by tradition the importance of body fluids. The essence of these practices encompasses the conception of the Blood as something sacred and divine by its nature born of the transcendence of the four basic elements.Now, having analyzed the primordial essence of this concept within the old practices, we can mention that the question that leads to the use of blood in rituals is because it represents the divine spark or creator of the fluid and the symbol of water being a creative element. By embodying a desire within a magical work, the intention of the blood is to enhance the work done so that its result is bigger, greater or faster. In addition we can mention that the essence of a Magic Ritual, a Ceremony or a Witchcraft Work, must impact the operator's unconscious in order to achieve a true change according to his will. Therefore, the use of a strong, important and representative element such as the sacrifice of the vital liquid, would help to promote the Magical Work performed for the objective to be achieved. Under this premise, we understand a little more the African traditions of Vodou and their combinations along with Christianity as they are the Santería, Palo Mayombe and Yoruba. These religious currents use the sacrifice of animals such as Hens and Goats as a tradition within their ritual practices. Including the roots of our Mexican lands where the Nahuales can also use such an act inherited from the human sacrifices before the altars of the Mayan pyramids to the Gods. There are also the Ancient Grimoires of Black Magic such as the Lemegeton, the Solomon´s Clavicles, the Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius, the Grimorium Verum, among other titles that use elements difficult to get or sometimes impossible to translate more strongly in the Magical work the will of the practitioner, including the sacrifices (although most of these texts have been written by Christian priests to frighten the population and convert more followers).While it is true that this ancient tradition exists, we must emphasize the profound concepts of "Ethics" and "Morals", which according to the time, are moldable and can change and adapt to the place where it is carried out any practice. For example, here in the North of my country it is our tradition to eat roasted meat and feed on different animals, when in another part of the world Bovines are considered sacred animals and their consumption is strictly forbidden by the morality that prevails in those places. So it is with our traditions and the concept that today we mention that is the sacrifice of blood within the ritual.Within the advances in psychology, we know the branch of Psychopathology and mark us questions regarding the healthy coexistence between us the human beings that we live in society. We therefore understand that when a person lacks empathy for the pain of others, whether of an animal or another human being, he or she enters directly into a psychopathological classification of sociopathy or mental instability. Then, combining the concepts of morality and psychopathology applied to our time and manners, we understand that the practice of animal and human sacrifice is not correct under any circumstances, neither magical nor personal. The essence of the Magician or practitioner of the Art is therefore to use equally important or transcendent elements for his Magical Work without harming anyone, understood as an animal or a human being. As I understand, the Left Hand Path tradition must encourage the practitioner, if necessary, to use the Adept's own blood, precisely in order not to harm any living being, thus impregnating the Magical Work with the essence of the same magician without committing crime or violence to Animal rights. That is why the New Age traditions condemn this practice, that by ignorance, unfortunately people who are not experienced in the subject, continue to practice this atrocity and that we, who know the roots but study the true essence of Magic, try to demystify these concepts sharing the knowledge.I await your comments regarding my perspective.Greetings from Mexico!Adeptus Chivo, II°
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  • Hi Angel!

    I love the subject you put up! I totally agree with you. I ancient times though animal and human sacrifices were done all the time. Some had the character to please their gods, others to pay the price of something big asked. I don't believe that any serious deity/spirit/daemon who wants us to progress would ask us to become criminals and take another's life in order to please them. This was done in ancient times where the high priest of the society was also their ruler. This was a tool they used in order to control the masses. Even the Bible is full of such atrocities.     

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